Free auto approve list 6-29-2018

I’m still working on improving the method that I scrape to get these links. As you can see my lists have grown over time. I think there are many more links that I’m not getting. This is just a hunch though. There may not be more. I’m going to set out to see if there is. It takes me at least a few days to go through the list. I have a limited amount of server resources. That may change sometime down the line.

I hope to at some point in the not so distant future to change the site design. I want to put a new theme here. I also thought about accepting Bitcoin donations or putting some advertising on the site. I haven’t thought too much about all of that yet. Bookmark my site and watch the growth of the lists. It’ll be an interesting journey to discover just how many auto approve links can be found.

I’m sorry if this all was too many words. I felt kind of talkative today. Get the latest auto approve links here.