Free auto approve list 7-12-2018

The list is bigger today. I’m still kind of unsure about how many of these links exist out there. It’s possible that there’s many more that I’m not getting. There’s a balance between time and resources that makes this difficult. I could scrape for a week and post from the list for weeks. How many of those links would still be live after several weeks? This is just one of the dilemmas about making a list like this. At some point even the freshest list becomes out of date.

I don’t check to see if there are any other opportunities for links on the URLs that I share with you all. I’ve debated if I should or not. I think this is something that you could probably do on your own. Again, there’s a matter of resources and time. If I had an unlimited amount of resources, I could make stunningly amazing lists. Keep in mind up until this point I haven’t made any money doing this. I’m offering all of this for free. I’m building these lists with a very limited amount of resources. Hopefully that will change. It probably won’t for awhile though.

I hope you enjoy using these lists as much as I do building them. I’ve found it to be a very surprising task. It takes a certain thinking outside the box to compile a good list. It also takes a lot of time. I’m almost literally scraping and posting 24/7 to make these lists. It actually takes quite a bit of work. Though, it’s all automated. I actually do very little work. The server does almost all of it. Anyway, I’ll get to the reason why you’re here. The good stuff.

Download the latest list of links here.