Free auto approve list 7-15-2018

This list is smaller than the few before it. I started out with fewer URLs. I ran into a few problems while scraping to get the URLs. I’d advise you to combine several lists and run through them. That’s probably the best way to utilize these lists.

I think I’m missing out on quite a few links that’s available out there. I think the reason is due to the software and captcha solver that I’m using. I will probably at some point down the line get new software and a different captcha solver. I think I’m missing out on quite a few links that exist due to these two factors. I could be wrong though. I’ve learned that it’s kind of hard to predict what’s going to go on. I think the problem is that I need software that can post to many more formats. I’m using ScrapeBox now. I hope to get GSA in the next few months and give that a try.

That’s kind of the story with these links. I hope you’re all able to put them to good use.

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